I was many times in Nassau and every time I stepped out from the ship I was surprised by something new. The closest place to the terminal is Junkanoo beach just about ten minutes walking. Water is absolutely stunning. Beach is very famous here and has everything you want.  They have local live band playing local music, they have grill food, and they serve drink, coconut, ice cream and more. If you want to separate yourself from the crowd you walk further but beach is not that sandy like on the Junkanoo, it is more natural.

Bar at the Junkanoo beach has really good WI-FI and it is free. On the way to the beach there is McDonalds, where I always stop to eat ice cream. There is frog pub and some local restaurants on the way to the beach. Since I was coming twice per week here, I bought a BTC sim card just for using internet and signal was even good on open sea too.  When you settle self down at the beach you can see open see and lighthouse too. Lighthouse is located on private area next to yoga beach, which I will explain later.

If you want to go to Cable beach, far away from Junkanoo beach, you can take a bus nearby McDonalds and tickets are $2 one way. It is nice to move from the crowd and go little bit further. You can see have people live here, nice houses and private small beach too. Taxi shuttle are all on the street but be patient because they always wait till van is full so they can take to the selected destination.

One of the places you must see is Atlantis- Paradise Island Bahamas. I believe this is the world famous place and it is worth to travel here. Atlantis is about 20 minutes by shuttle and Paradise Island is connected by bridge. Tickets are various, it depends what you want to do, I paid mine $120 for entrance. Tickets included: entrance to the aquarium, casino, and access to the beach, pool, Crazy River and famous slide. Food you can buy in any stop so I don’t recommend package with food. Place like Atlantis will show you how people can enjoy all activities in one place.

Hotels here are very nice, they have shopping mall with brand clothes; they have huge casino, open bars, aquarium, walking side, underground museum, slides, snorkeling and swimming with sharks and Crazy River. I was exploring Atlantis from 09.001m till 05.00 pm and I could not see everything. I went on Crazy River twice, but I like it so much. I did not have enough time to see beach near to the Atlantis, because I was impressed by aquarium and water museum and seeing all different kind of fishes and sea creatures I have never seen in my life before.

Only time I set down it was to eat pizza and have a coffee which was more expensive than on other places. I met some people there, they have been coming in Atlantis last 10 years for vacation and they never move from Atlantis. They stay 10 days here because they said no need to go anywhere else, everything you want you have here. However, if you have chances to Travel to Nassau do not miss the opportunity to see and visit Atlantis.

Charms of the wonderfull “Yoga Beach”

Other place I would like to recommend to visit is Yoga beach. It is called Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat (

Yoga beach can be founded on line, they offer yoga teaching class with certificate after 5 or more weeks. They have nice small separated buildings with private yard or little hotel, few apartments inside with balcony and sea view. Moreover, they have tent if you are fun of sleeping in real nature too.

I have never see such a peaceful and quiet beach as Yoga beach. It is so impressive with sand and clear water on one side and forest on the other.

Coming here it is kind of tricky. Since yoga place is located on Paradise Island, only way you can come to Yoga beach is by small taxi boat. Keith is boat driver and he works for Sivananda Yoga and he has schedule for going to the yoga place and back to the city Nassau. Pick up location is next to the sushi bar and all local people will guide you to the sushi restaurant.  I discovered yoga place with my friend Yuliya, she actually showed me how to get there since she knew I do yoga and she took me there. If you get lost, you can ask anyone for the direction to the boat to Yoga beach. When you come with a boat on Yoga beach, first you will walk through the forest and you will see platforms for yoga classes, small shop with souvenirs and path will take you to the reception kiosk, very small, with all information and you can pay one class or if you pay 5 or more classes you will get discount. I paid 5 classes just to see how it works, but my time was limited, I could not wait for afternoon class, so I used one platform in the shade with sea view only for myself. They give you a mat and when you leave you return the mat back.  Since I discovered this place and I was impressed how such a nature is close to the Atlantis and so many lizards and beards and silent I was keep coming here every time I had a chance. If you want to enjoy this private beach, you can walk from Atlantis here but it is around 30 minutes walking. Next to the Yoga beach, there are few houses and at the end of Island is Lighthouse I mention before you can see from Junkanoo beach. More about yoga beach see on my YouTube canal

I have never see such a peaceful and quiet beach as Yoga beach.  It is so impressive with sand and clear water on one side and forest on the other.

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Written by Travel

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