If you travel to Florida, you definitely need to visit NASA, Kennedy space center. Nearby Orlando, located closer to the port Canaveral, ships famous dock place, is huge space, attractive and very unique in the World. Coming here from Orlando can be organized by bus tour and all information you can find on line. If you are already visit Disney world in Orlando and you have one more day left to explore than you have to see NASA.  Parking is available for free and daily tickets are $60 per person, including bus tour along Apollo/Saturn V Center, space shuttle Atlantis and the Universe Theater. Usually they open every day from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm. inside, you can find many restaurants to make a short break and have a lunch.

I visited NASA twice, first time September 2015 and second time in May 2019. I was very excited to visit this place again simple because first time it left me breath less.

If you are going to visit Kennedy space center it would be easier for you to buy tickets online. You can get all info and buy tickets here:

No matter is it weekend or other day of the week, NASA is always busy and crowded. Sometimes you need to wait more than one hour for available bus tours and also more than one hour for bus to come back. Definitely, my tip is to go on bus tour first. It is approximately 45 minutes drive in one way, where you can see Apollo and Saturn V center and bus driver will explain and talk during your tour. If you are lucky and visit everything in about 4 hours than your lunch break can be longer and you will still have time to see Universe Theater and do shopping too.

First building we reached by bus called Vehicle Assembly building or VAB. It is massive building with pre-manufactured space vehicle components such us Saturn V, Space shuttle and Mobile Launch Platform which was very impressive. After explanation and watching building from the bus we made a circle around and keep going to the Apollo/Saturn V center. Standing under gigantic Saturn V, the largest rocket ever flown is absolutely worth of moment. You can explore by yourself, take pictures, read all published articles, have a lunch, and do shopping .Every restaurant has free Wi-Fi connection and you can connect yourself to upload stunning pictures. In firing Room Theater I stayed to see short presentation.  Once I get tired walking around and seeing all, I went outside from the building through shopping area and wait for a bus to go back.

After bus tour my trip went to NASA Space shuttle Atlantis. Simple you cannot miss the home of space shuttle Atlantis. Inside, Atlantis has been mounted 9 meters above the ground. When the door open , you can see everything. This is a very unique opportunity to see a unique configuration. Before I have seen Atlantis , I watched short video presentation of shuttle returning from the space .After short video has finished ,on black screen I have seen  stars and doors opened pointing on the entrance to see this massive shuttle. After I took at least 100 pictures, I went to explore more places in the building. Inside, you can even go on slide if you want to.

If you missed opportunity to take a picture with blue NASA sign at the entrance you can still do on your way back. Next to the sign you can find all information of NASA plan to go on MARS. During the visit Kennedy space center you can find Mars rover car and you can take pictures as well. It looks like something out of this World and it was recently unveiled at Kennedy Space center. The goal is to inspirited developing plans for the journey to the red planet.  Very, very, very impressive car and I wished to have one.

Since NASA Kennedy Space center close at 6.00 pm, if you have time you can still reach shopping area and buy some souvenirs or just explore. I was very impressed by T-shirts, magnets and cup with expression “I need my space “on it.

To conclude, I would like to say if you need your space and if you want to see something different than definitely travel to Florida and visit Kennedy space center.

This was my review related to visit Kennedy space center and I hope it will benefit you. Read some of my other stories here and stay tuned for new ones!

Written by Travel

Written by Travel

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