Barbados Island is one of the most attractive Islands in Atlantic Ocean. Firstly because is located east of the other West Indies Islands. Secondly, because of the most beautiful beaches in the World where waves create good condition for boogie boarding, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding. Barbados beaches have special effect on every visitor. There are long with white sand, some of them are coral reef beaches good for snorkeling but the most famous beach is Turtle beach Barbados.

Turtle beach Barbados is located at the quiet eastern end of St. Lawrence Gap; a sandy track leads to this lovely stretch of beach. The closest exclusive hotels near beach are Maxwell, Christ Church, St. Lawrence Dover and other.

My experience with Turtle beach Barbados was kind different. I went to swim with turtles in Lights Carlisle Bay from the same beach organized by small boat called glass bottom boat. I came to Barbados with cruise ship and I was there only one day. Walking from the ships dock to the Copacabana public beach is very simple. You can take a shuttle to the Turtle Beach Barbados and price is approximately $20. The other way I was lucking forward is going to walk and explore Bridgetown by myself before Turtle beach Barbados. After exiting cruise terminal, mine walking to the Bridgetown was about 15 minutes. I passed the famous boardwalk marine and amazing restaurant Bridge house, next to Chamberlain Bridge in Bridgetown, very unique in this place. Also city hall is very close to the Bridge house too.

After Bridge house restaurant I came to Copacabana public beach. Turtle beach Barbados is however, all at the end of Copacabana beach. Moreover walking through the Copacabana beach gave me opportunity to enjoy white sand and beautiful view on the clear crystal sea water. When I settle myself down on the beach, some local guy approach and offer a tour swimming with turtles and ship wreck. Anyway tour was by small boat called glass bottom boat. Excursion was $25 and it is approximately two hours long. First you will slowly go down to the end of the beach and it will stop every 10 meters to pick up new customers and then it will go not that far away from the shore and Turtle beach Barbados. Actually you can see hotels and beach from that place. The point of swimming with turtles is to have unique experience in the water. I was afraid in one point but guide who was leading us fed them and turtles coming and gather around. You can see small, big one and even more you can see stingrays and all kind of fishes too. Bring your GoPro camera and let water takes you to the Turtle world.

I was so impressed with this excursion. One advice, do not swim after them, actually do not chase them, turtles will come and swim around you, just be ready.

After one hour of swimming, nearby turtle swimming place we went to see ship wreck. We stayed there about one hour and if you have not had enough experience with sea creatures this place is the best one. I left my camera on the ship and I went to snorkeling. Colors of fishes are absolutely stunning and there is so many kind that I was positively lost.

After this ship wreck excursion slowly we came back at the Copacabana beach and left Turtle beach Barbados behind us. You can get off on any place you want and still enjoy the beautiful water and sea. Close to the beach there are many restaurants’ with local food and drinks and there are also options to do more excursions such us diving, kayaking, and exploring the Island, other beaches and other.

Turtle beach Barbados is definitely one of the places you cannot miss if you come to visit Barbados.

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Written by Travel

Written by Travel


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