If you ever want to travel to this beautiful place, than with a reason I can suggest choosing Ocho Rios. Ocho Rios has  very wide and different variety places to see and local people are religious , where next to every church you can find a bar , because woman go to church , men waiting in the bar and drink local beer called Red Stripe. There is multiply reason why this place is famous.

Firstly, there are few beautiful beaches to visit, moreover there is stunning mystic mountain with a unique experience you cannot find anywhere else. The local taxi you can find on the street or every local bar has a number of taxi drivers and mostly they come between 5 or 10 minutes. Little advice, negotiation about price is part of their culture so more you negotiate better price you will get and at the end with a tip price will be the same at the beginning.

Mystic Mountain is best place to have an excursion to get rest from the beaches and enjoy the view and adventures. When I arrived by taxi to the entrance, I had option to choose few different excursion, detail explanation about everything, how long it will take the tour and the price. Video možete pogledati ovde.

First, the Sky Explorer take you up to the mountain with views of the Ocho Rios port and Caribbean sea on your left and the lush, green mountains of rainforest on your right. Mostly during your ride you can hear the beards and some tourists coming back from the top of the mountain. The price is $47 included waterslide and Infinity pool, Museum, explores gift shop, Hummingbird garden and entrance to the restaurant with additional cost if you want to try local Jerk Chicken or Pate. Internet in the restaurant is an amazing and Wi-Fi is MDnet and password you can get from the waiter. However, from the restaurant you can take picture or you can go one floor up and have the highest few for your amazing picture or video.

Below the restaurant you can find waterslide and Infinity pool, museum, gift shop and garden.

Second option you can choose is Sky Explorer and Bobsled with a price $69 and $45 per child. Bobsled takes you on the ride about 20 minutes.

Third option is Sky Explorer and Zip line for $115 per person and $92 per child.

Forth is amazing Tranopy (all 3 tours) for $137 per person or $115 per child.

As soon as you come on the top, you can hear band playing Jamaican music. I have to mention that smoking weed is religion here and also you can smell weed on every step, and locals will offer you some. If you want to salute or say yes, or comment something positive always say Yamane because that is word whit multiple positive meaning. When you get tired walking around and breathing fresh mounting air slowly come down and watch one more time rainforest Mystic Mountain. At the exit you still can take few more pictures at waterfalls and different kind fishes inside. Sometimes small waterfalls get bigger during rainy season.

In conclusion, I would like to strongly recommend visiting Mystic Mountain and Ocho Rios as one of destination for your vacation. Once you travel to Jamaica you will always want to come back.

Written by Travel 

Written by Travel