St. Kitts, Caribbean

St. Kitts, Caribbean


St. Kitts is one more country in Caribbean Island where I went with cruise ship.  This island is unique because a lot of monkeys live here and one of the excursion you can do is pet the monkey.

Top five things in St. Kitts to do in my opinion:

-Walking around and explore the place with shopping

-Beach day at Carambola beach

-Resort day at Palm Court Garden

-St. Kitts highlights and Rain-forest tour , tour around the Island

-Pet the monkey tour

First top five things in St. Kitts is walking around, do shopping and explore the down town. Interesting fact is that here on small area they have a lot of banks, mostly nationals and currency her is Caribbean dollar. One US is approximately 2.8 Caribbean and all banks do exchange but you don’t need because US is acceptable too. Walking around with my friend we found a park, very old church and primary school next to the church. 

There is a lot of coffee shops and store close to the ship but if you go further you can enjoy the view and see how people actually live here. On our way back, across one of the bank I saw a guy preparing smoothie on the street. You can choose any fruit you want. We paid $8 for both and it was definitely the best smoothie I have ever had. If you ever go to the church and park there don’t miss opportunity to have street smoothie.

Top five things in St. Kitts could be also beach day at Carambola beach. Shuttles are available as soon as you step out from the ship. Taxi ride till beach will cost you around 20$ per car and if is 4 people go there its good price. You will stop on view point where you have opportunity to see Pacific Ocean meet Caribbean sea and you also can take a picture with a monkey, which I skipped this time. Beach is very simple and on the opposite way from the ship. You have one bar with food and drinks and really good Wi-Fi Internet connection available even further from the bar. Beach chairs and umbrellas are for free and water is very nice.

The third top five things in St. Kitts to do is Resort day at Palm Court Garden .If you are not fun of the beach and you do not want to waste your time you can walk to the beautiful resort call palm court resort.  Taxi shuttle can drive there also just for $2.Resort is very approachable, they have good coffee, good internet Wi-Fi connection, pool, nice chairs and small garden and nice grass and some separated places where you can enjoy view on the sea and your ships too. It is always windy which is very interesting and because of breeze you don’t feel sun so bring a lot of sun scream to put on. Music is not loud so can enjoy and relax yourself. More information at .

My favorite top five things in St. Kitts to do was hop on hop off tour by open bus around the Island or St. Kitts highlights and Rain-forest , tour around the Island. Basically, you go out from the ship, find a tour what you want to see and how many hours you would like to spend and adventure can start. My tour was approximately 3 hours long and first we stop shortly in down town to see Cathedral Anglican Church dating from 17th Century and school next to it ,than we went through the street with different kind of architectural buildings, historical attractions too.

Road than took us to the Palm Court Garden, which I skipped this time and than we kept going to the rain forest and Caribelle Batik or Romney Manor. This place is UNESCO World Heritage Site and it is also National Park with a tree 400 years old. Very impressive and beautiful place . We paid the entrance $3 per person but its worth it every dollar.

After break to explore Caribelle Batik, our excursion was going back through the jungle and very small road that in one point I was very scared what If we get stuck here but plenty of buses are doing similar excursion and it is very safe. Next stop was the view point where Atlantic Ocean meet Caribbean sea which I already explained. This tour was my favorite because you see main point of St. Kitts and actually you have impression how big is Island.

The last top things in St. Kitts to do is pet the Monkey. There is a reason why it is called Monkey Island too. Basically, you will have chance to pet the monkey on every place you go, they offer you to hold the monkey, to pet, to put on your head and so on. Every monkey has a diaper , which is very awkward but make sense and you just pay the monkey owner some tips and you did excursion. Now , there is options to go in the main view point of St. Kitts where you have beautiful view on Ocean and sea and you pet the monkey here and take a pictures with amazing background or you can pet the monkey as soon you get out from terminal. There is short video about St. Kitts on my YouTube canal here :

Written by Travel

Written by Travel

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