Sint Maarten or I can say Saint Martin is one Island in Caribbean Sea two names. Why ? Simply , because Sint Maarten is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and it is country on the southern but on the other hand Saint Martin is French overseas territory . The southern 40% of territory is Netherlands while Northern  60% of the Island is the French overseas collectivism. Sint Maarten’s  capital city is Philipsburg. Philipsburg has colorful streets , colonial buildings lining its front street shopping area. Here in Philipsburg is also popular cruise ship port. In this story I will explain how you can visit two most attractive places in Sint Maarten. One is Great Bay beach and the other is Maho beach or airport beach.

First time I came in Sint Maarten 2016 by Cruise ship. One of the places I was coming back over and over at Sint Maarten is Great Bay beach . I was impressed by beauty of this beach. This beach is on the Netherlands side of the Island. Basically, walking from the cruise ship port to the Great Bay beach is no more than 20 minutes. First when you get off from the ship you have small area to do shopping or take shuttle to explore the Island or my favorite water taxi. Water taxi is amazing experience to go to the Great Bay beach. It cost only $7 return tickets and you can reach the beach just in few minutes. I did water taxi few times but since I am walking person and I like exploring places by walking , mostly I walk to the Great Bay beach. The best way to find exit from the terminal is to find the sign St. marten  where you can take a picture and then after sign turn left and follow the road. From one side of the road is side walk and from the other is hill. Walking is approximately 15 minutes and you will notice when you reach parking first, some shops , pass the small bridge and you are at the beginning of Great Bay beach . Water taxi station is on the middle of the beach. In Sint Maarten  you can find all, small jewelry shops , great restaurants, Hard Rock Café ,  Antoine Restaurant if you want to try frog legs ( and the most important long beautiful beach. At the beach you can rent a chairs and umbrellas, get drinks and food at the beach, rent a jet ski , do parasailing and other extreme water sports.

The other place in Sint Maarten  I would like to write and give you my impression is Maho beach. This place belongs Saint Martin French overseas territory and it is located in the north of the Island. If you dock with cruise ship, coming here is by shuttle. Trip is approximately 40 minutes driving one way no traffic but be careful on your way back because traffic after 3 pm is very bad. Shuttle is around $40 one way and it depends how many people going by shuttle but always you can share and split with someone. On the way to the Maho beach, you will pass living area, some resorts, different beaches and Marigot city before you reach Maho beach/airport beach. This beach is absolutely the best place in Sint Maarten ( Saint Martin) and it is one the most famous beaches close to the airport. One of the best hotels to have good view on this beach and airplane landed or take off is Sonesta hotel ( When I get here I realized beach is not long as Great Bay beach but it is unique because of the location close to the airport. Every person come here to take a picture or video with airplane above the head.

First time airplane landed I was little bit scared because danger signs are all over the beach and they warn you not to stay close to the gate, keep your staff far away from the water and other. However, after few airplanes landed , I figured out the big airplanes make more wind blowing and it is more dangerous when big airplanes take off than land. The only bar and restaurant here I would like to recommend is sunset beach bar ( to have drink or food or simple sit and enjoy the view. WiFi internet is free here but it is very slow because of a lot of people sitting here.  At this bar you can find board with all daily schedule airplanes landing. Very interesting. In my opinion the best video I recorded was in the water. I believe it is also very safe if you swim far away from the beach and then take a video or photo of the airplane from the water. Anyway , Maho beach Saint Martin (Sint Maarten) is the best place to visit on this beautiful Island. Shuttle to come back to the ship you can find any time close to the sunset beach bar and remember you need at least 40 minutes to go back to the cruise ship port.

If you still have time after Maho beach day you can do shopping at the terminal or refresh your self with local drinks or ice cream.

Thank you for reading my Sint Maarten story and I hope you enjoyed.

Short video about Sint Marten you can find here :

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Written by Travel

Written by Travel

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