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The Bund

Through my guide “Shanghai must see” I will try to describe you some of the top places you must see when you visit this beautiful city. Shanghai is the largest city in China with over 26 million people live here. If you decide to see this magnificent city, you must be aware of few facts before you go there. Booking hotel is different than in other countries. First of all, only few hotels are reserved for foreigner and mostly they are located in city center, close to the Bund or Nanjing road.

Second and more important fact is internet. Even if you connect yourself on Wi-Fi, access to the social network or checking an e mail are absolutely impossible. China government blocked all social networks and only option to unblock is download VPN app before you go to China. Some phones have already but my tip is to download turbo VPN. It’s free and it works perfectly. Only social communication might work is whats up, but very slow.

Third, Currency is RNB (Juan) and you can pay bills in cash or by credit card which I do not recommend. The best option is to change money in the airport or in the city, which is kind difficult because there is just few exchange office in whole city. Another than that, come prepared and enjoy modern and old architecture one of the famous city in the World.

Top 5 places within my guide Shanghai must see in one day are: The Bund, Old ancient city or Zhujiajiao Water town, Yu garden, God temple and Chinese Wall Street, Shanghai tower observatory.

If you get up early and start your adventure at 8.00 am than by 9.00 pm all Shanghai must see top 5 places will be checked. Bring a lot of water and some clothes to change because Shanghai is very humid even temperature is high and no rain. Some day’s humidity is 88% and no rain. It is stunning and difficult to breathe at the same time.

The Bund is first Shanghai must see place. I went to see in the morning; mostly to avoid the crowd, but it is impossible in this city. The Bund is walking area next to the Huangpu River. I was waiting one hour to avoid people and take picture on Chinese Wall Street across the Bund and on the other side of the river. Sometimes during the day is very cloudy and foggy from air pollution so catch a perfect moment to take a picture is very rare. People are coming back at night, where Wall Street looks even better. There is a tunnel close the Bund with metro to take you to the Wall Street with entrance tickets for Shanghai tower. Tickets are 240 RNB or Yuan but there is another option to go cheaper, I will explain later.

Second place I visited is Ancient old city or Zhujiajiao Water town. Walking back from the Bund straight to the East Nanjing metro station is about 30 minutes. The Nanjing road is the famous shopping place in Shanghai, all world brands are located in this street. There is East Nanjing Road Street and West Nanjing Road Street, both connected by metro. East is closer to the Bund and west is closer to the People square and Chinese Wall Street. Shanghai metro is the most famous and fastest metro in the World. Speed is 430 km per hour or 268 miles per hour.

Once you go in East Nanjing metro station, buy tickets for line 2 and then line 17, chose Zhujiajiao as the final destination and price will come up. All tickets kiosk have option to choose English and inside the metro announcement are in Chinese and English too. Trip till ancient old city is approximately one hour.

The ancient old town, the second top 5 places to see in my Shanghai must see guide is called Chinese Venice and it is known as traditional urban core of Shanghai. It is small area and you can explore by walking which means a half of the day or you can take water taxi, similar to gondola in Venice and explore from the water. Starting point is Buda temple. Unfornatelly, day when I was there Buda temple was closed, I could not go in. Water shuttle is around 150 RNB ($30) and ride is approximately 30 minutes. Final destination is old Garden. Entrance tickets for garden are 20 RNB ($3). The Garden is the best place I found in ancient old town. I spent almost two hours walking inside. Park, trees, fountains,buildings, museum and fishpond left me breathless. Actually, it was first feeling I am in China. When I was done exploring the Garden I went through the market with local food and fruit and kept going back to the metro station.

Next stop was Yu Garden or Yuyuan, the third Shanghai must see place on my list. Same metro line 17 and then transfer to the line 2 all way to the Yu Garden station. Yu Garden is classic Chinese garden located next to the God temple and you can have a chance to see both less than two hours. Entrance for Yu garden is 30RNB, little bit more than in ancient old city but garden is similar to the one in old town just more shopping inside and its famous by dragon wall too. It is very crowded and basically I was walking in the line of people. Before I went in Yu garden, on the Yu tea area I had short coffee and muffin break in Starbucks. Yes, Starbuck, Costa Coffee, daily queen ice-cream and pizza Hut you can find in very corner.

God temple, is forth Shanghai must see place. Tickets are 30RNB as well and it’s the most beautiful temple I have even seen in my life. Small Square surrounded with few temples, very clean and very impressive. Inside the temple people pray and leave a fruit in front the God statues and do not take pictures, except foreign, because Chinese believe Gods need a piece and not disturb. Everything is written in Chinese and pictures frame on the wall and statues are made by gold.

To fulfill my Shanghai must see guide, I suggest you watch this good quality video about.

After God temple, I went back to the metro station and choose to see people square and visit the famous shopping mall in Shanghai. It was lunch break and west food you can find in this shopping mall and I strongly recommend. Of course, KFC, McDonalds or Starbacks are available option too. Across the mall is metro station and only one station separated this area from Chinese wall street.

After my lunch break, I was very excited to go to Shanghai tower, the highest building in China and the second tallest building in the world. Like I mentioned at the beginning, you come here from the Bund or by metro and buy tickets in front. Tickets are 180 RNB (around $30) and you can pay by cash or by credit card. Elevator goes 118 floors and high Shanghai tower observatory is 562 m (2073ft). I planned to go there around 5.00pm so I can see city at day and wait sunset and see city at night. View is better than from the airplane. Basically, you can see whole city and when lights turn on at night, it is even more impressive and beautiful. Inside the tower is a restaurant and small shopping place with souvenirs. It is definitely one of the most beautiful views to see so I emphasize this in my Shanghai must see guide.

The best place of top 5 places to see I left for the end and it is definitely Shanghai tower. It is open till 10.00 pm and you can stay as long as you want. Since I was very curious how Wall Street looks like and same Shanghai tower from the Bund, I came back by metro to the Bund and check the view one more time but at night. Shanghai Top 5 places in a day was done by 9.00 pm and dinner was at the Captain, small restaurant close to the Bund at fifth floor, modern and west restaurant with great service and even better food and most important amazing view on the Bund and the wall street from the balcony. If you don’t have your reservation, they will put you inside and when balcony table is available you can move. 

If you organized yourself and have plan what you want to see like I chose top 5 places to see in a day, than Shanghai will be your next destination to travel.

To fulfill my Shanghai must seeguide, I suggest you watch this good quality video about.

This was my Shanghai must see guide and I hope you love it. Read some of my other stories here and stay tuned for new ones!

Written by Travel

Written by Travel