Puerto Plata is capital city in Puerto Plata province, Dominican Republic. It is also known as San Felipe de Puerto Plata. You can come here by airplane or by the ship. I choose ship and place where cruise ships dock called Amber Cove. There is a lot of things to do in Puerto Plata in one day, but if you come more than once than you always looking for something new and not seen so far.

Amber Cove is small place close to the sea where ships dock. Area next to the dock has absolutely everything starting from good Wi-Fi, nice coffee shop with local homemade coffee and donuts or croissant, or amazing restaurants with view on the ships, pool area, zip line and waterfalls, small local shops and more. If you decided to be lazy and not do excursion from the ship or outside from the local taxi drivers than definitely good choice is to stay in Amber Cove and enjoy day exploring , shopping or just chilling at the pool. They accept US dollars and price are very affordable. Do not miss chance to try coffee, fresh fruit juice or ice-cream. Wi-Fi is available in every restaurants or coffee shop for free, you just need a password and it is very fast connection. Moreover, if you want to be independent and have Wi-Fi connection by walking around, you can pay $5 plan connecting yourself on AMBER COVE Wi-Fi and pay with credit card. Amber Cove is very beautiful place to see and enjoy one day and do nothing.

However, if you are fun of more adventures like I am and you want to explore more, out of Amber Cove than you have plenty options to do in one day. One of the excursions I would like to recommend in one day is Cable Car to the mountain and city sightseeing trip. This excursion you can book on the cruise ship or you can find a local Taxi outside of the port and make a deal what you want to do. They are very approachable and organized and depends how many hours you would like to do excursion they will recommend what is the best option. Basically, taxi driver is also a tourist guide and he or she will talk about city, places you visit or about life in Puerto Plata. It depends how many people is in the car but approximately price is no more than $30. My friends and I chose first Cable Car. I have to mention is it $10 tickets extra for this ride but is worth it.

Taxi driver will wait for you or go with you up to the mountain. Cable Car is the most exiting experience I had in whole Caribbean Sea. Ride is about 8 minutes and one Cable car going down and the other is going up. Only 17 people can fit in Cable car. When you come on the mountain called Isabel de Torres or Pico Isabella de Torres, view is absolutely stunning. First you will feel fresh air mounting high 2600 feet above the sea or approximately 800 meters. Even though, it is very high area, walking around in the forest and exploring garden it was very humid and hot. I stayed more than one hour there and impressive National Park made me tired very fast. 

After short break to buy water at the local show, we went our trip to the down town. Puerto Plata down town is very similar to every other Caribbean down town.Mostly they have huge Square with Church, local shops around, Umbrella Street and of course plenty restaurants with local food . You can see all those places in one day if you don’t spend too much time. Only place I had longer break is HELADERIA MARIPOSA GELATO. You can see more details at www.heladosmariposa.com . It is ice cream, coffee and smoothie place and it is visible from the square. Do not miss chance to have break there and when you buy what you want keep going more inside and you will find small garden to sit and enjoy your break.

Next place we went to visit in one day it was just ride to rich area in Puerto Plata. Driving around taxi driver was talking about nice houses and neighbors only for rich people. There are no rich people in Dominican Republic. Mostly, owners of those beautiful houses are retirement Americans who sold their houses in US and moved here to live because of climate, fresh food, nice fruit and cheaper life standard.


Next destination I have seen in one day was Fort or original name Fortaleza San Felipe, historical Spanish fortress. I would like to say castle Fort is located to protect entrance to the city from the pirates. View from the castle is on the Atlantic Ocean. Around the castle you can find local people with souvenirs and donkey if you want to take pictures. Souvenirs are very cheap and homemade as well.

The last destination I have seen in Puerto Plata in one day was Playa Dorado. It is near by the castle and it is public beach but most crowded at night. It is very popular place to go out because local band musicians playing music long in the night. Since we didn’t have time to stay till sunrise, we skipped playa Dorado this time. On our way back to the ship taxi driver stop and bought us local mango and banana as a gift to try how tasty fruit are and it was very tasty and very fresh fruit. Our excursion was approximately 5 hours and we still have some time to explore Amber Cove.


If you decide to move from Amber Cove and see places in a day than I can strongly recommend Cable Car and city sightseeing excursion. Tipping the taxi driver is part of culture as well.

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Written by Travel

Written by Travel


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