Puerto Vallarta is very big city in Mexican Riviera with approximately 200.000 people live here. Before I came here with a cruise ship, I heard a lot of positive stories about this place. You can see many houses here such us Steven Spielberg’s house or famous pink bridge going from Richard Burton’s house to the Elizabeth Taylor side house. Reason why people buy houses here I found out exploring this big city. First of all, nature here is breathless and you have a feeling time has stopped , food is very delicious and fresh, cost living is cheaper than any other places and of course there is a lot of things to do and a lot of places to see.

First time I stepped here I was looking a beach to go swimming and I found huge public sand beach very close to the ship, only 5 minutes walking. All hotels are located next to beach and entrance is free . Local people pass occasionally offering donuts and fresh lemonade or they selling beach towels or some souvenirs very affordable. You can also order food from nearby restaurants if you want or just sit and enjoy the view. Wi-Fi Internet is available in any restaurant and it’s a free but I had sim card working here. The opposite side from the beach is mega market which is very cheap and next to the mega is shopping mall with free WI-FI internet, coffee place and a lot of store with local homemade clothes and shoes. Interesting fact is everything here is made by 100% cotton and it’s very special to buy a dress or T-shirt.

My sister and my niece came to cruise with me and we did excursion from outside. Taxi shuttles are everywhere and you negotiate with price, it depends what you want to do. We chose waterfalls and tequila factory plus we stopped in down town to visit silver factory and explore down town. Price for 3 of us was $20 per person plus we were so satisfied that we tip taxi driver more. The tour was approximately 5 hours, it depends how long you want to stay in every place. First stop was silver store where I bought necklace and earrings all for $50. It is in down town and if taxi driver who brings you ask for discounts, you will get it discount. After silver store we went to down town to take a picture of the sign Puerto Vallarta and for a walk a little bit. A lot of monuments are located there and a lot restaurants as well. Swimming is not recommended here because it is natural beach with rocks and it is very windy too.

Tequila factory tour

After we took plenty pictures we continued are travel to the tequila factory. Road will take to the hills and trough living area where you can see very nice hotels or houses. We stopped few times just to see actually beauty of the houses and the view on open sea.

Tequila factory is the oldest one in this area. First you see fields, than how they cut agave plants, where they put it and how actually make tequila. Simple advice, bring cash if you want to buy tequila because internet there is still dial up and very slow if you want pay by credit card. My sim card reception was unavailable, no signal at all. Tequila is absolutely great here, you can taste as much as you want and my favorite is chocolate flavor. I bought two bottles . One bottle is around $25.

We stayed here more than one hour and after our trip took us to the waterfalls. Very high in the mountain between rocks and trees you see natural waterfalls going down and there is small restaurant here and small shop with souvenirs but once you see this place you do not need anything else. Exploring this place is more than one hour and you will try to find out where this waterfalls coming from but you could not. From one side you can see mountain, from the other nice forest and stunning big rocks and water between. Those places is worth to see and do not hesitate yourself to go there.

If you plan to travel here, bring your own camera and cash only and that is what you need the most, the trip will take you on a unique places you have never seen before and then you will wish to live here.

Saska Jovanic

Even though, it was very hot day, air is mountain is very fresh. 

Coming back to the ship was around 30 minutes and we still have time to rest at the beach and we did shopping as well.

Before we came back on the ship we saw red sky during sunset.

Written by Travel

Written by Travel

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