Florida has always been nice place to travel and visit. One of the most popular attractions in Florida is Walt Disney resort in Orlando. Basically, if you have an extra one day and you would like to see one of the theme parks in Disney World than definitely your first option should be Magic Kingdom. I have to mention that Disney World is huge Complex in Orlando or maybe whole city by himself.

What you can see in one day?

 My advice is to start with Magic Kingdom and you definitely need one whole day .Magic Kingdom is a theme park at the Walt Disney World Resort near Orlando and it is located at Bay Lake, Florida. Coming here is organized by buses or you can simple take Uber, Lyft or taxi. Daily tickets you can buy at the entrance and in my opinion they are more expensive than 5 day tickets for all theme parks. If you want to see places in one day, than all money paid is worth every penny. My tickets were approximately $125. Little tip is to come as early as you can, because earlier you come, more attractions you can see.

The icon of the Magic Kingdom is Cinderella Castle, the most magical place on the Earth. It is the most impressive building in the whole park and walking around gave me feeling I am in other dimension. At the beginning of my exploring Magic Kingdom in one day, I was absolutely impressed by parade. Parade is large theatrical presentation in whole Walt Disney World and parade is called Festival of Fantasy. Mickey Mouse leads parade followed by a group of Disney characters, performers and musicians walking or riding vehicles along the parade route.  Magic Kingdom parade is usually once per day, sometimes twice.

After I have seen parade my path took me to the coffee shop. Of course, Starbucks is on the main road walking to the Cinderella castle. From every side of the road are shops with all Disney logo and plenty souvenirs starting from house decoration, food, Disney sweats all way to the clothes, shoes , hair accessories , costumes and more. I could not resist to visit every shop and go inside to see all. After I took plenty picture and video in front and at the back of the Cinderella castle, my next destination was Mickey’s PhilharMagic attraction 3-D film. It is 12 minutes movie with all 3D effects, scents and water and all numbers of characters from Disney movies. I felt water, air, smoke and other effects and when movie have finished I wished to see one more time. If you organized yourself well, you can see a lot of places in Magic Kingdom in one day. After movie I went to eat lunch and I chose one of the famous restaurants, Tony’s Town Square Restaurant.  More about at

Next destination you can see in one day exploring Magic Kingdom is Space Mountain. Space Mountain is indoor dark speed roller coaster .It is 30 trains with two cars, speed is approximately 60m/h and high around 20 meters. The ride is around 7 minutes and could be scary for those one who don’t know what to expect.  Close to the space mountain is Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and Dumbo the flying elephant. Those two places are worth to see in one day spending in Magic Kindgdom. Walking around and taking pictures on the park and all attraction inside of the magic kingdom gave me pleasant moment of tiredness.

The park was closed at 6.00 pm that day and I decide to go in Disney Spring to have dinner. Transportation from Magic Kingdom to the Disney spring is organized by free Disney busses. Ride is approximately 20 minutes. Before you reach a bus area you can take Epcot monorail or ferry boat. I chose ferry boat because I took monorail in my way to Magic Kingdom and both of them are very impressive.

I cannot finish this story and not saying that Disney Spring is always good option to come and explore after Magic Kingdom Park, especially at evening because night life here is very various. Shopping and cinema after dinner is also one the option you can finish your day. However, see places in one day are possible if you are ready to walk a lot and enjoy in something you have not seen.

More about Parade on my YouTube canal .

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Written by Travel


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