Cheap Trips to Cozumel, Mexico

Cheap Trips to Cozumel, Mexico

If you think where to go on vacation and see the other places and culture, you could not imagine there still exist and have a feeling you went back to past, than your traveling should start as Cheap Trips to Cozumel.

Travel to Cozumel I strongly recommend, because if you decide to visit Mexico, might your destination begin with Cozumel Island. Why? Simply, because today millions  of tourist come to see this Island starting from natural beaches around the Island, clear water, rich history , friendly people, culture and of course delicious food and drinks plus great place for shopping.

 Cheap trips to Cozumel could be for example begin by staying in Playa del Carmen or Cancun or you have been coming with a cruise ship for one day, which I did. The first thing you have to do is get up really early and make your day start.

One of the best things to do is rent a car for one day( )

It depends what car you would like to drive but jeep is the best option, price is from 60-100 $ per day, depending on what jeep you would like. Renting a car for one day is the faster way to see many places in Cozumel, drive  around Island, have as much breaks as you want, stop where ever you want, take a pictures or just buy some souvenirs. When you rent a car you will get a map with instruction what to see and where to go.

You can see this short video about Trip IN Cozumel :

If you want to stop on every place you like it which I did, than you need more time than one hour. Cheap Trips to Cozumel must include visiting the famous beach called Paradise. They have bar ,chairs and umbrellas to hide yourself from sun, small shops to buy sun protection if you don’t have already, towels, shirts and some other souvenirs and the most important good and free Wi-Fi internet. If you like to do some water sports activities you can rent a water scooter or just climb on water slide or do some other adventure in water, everything is available for your choice. After Paradise beach I stopped also in the middle of the road and saw untouched nature, small waves where hitting rocks. Between the rocks you can even find flowers and aloe Vera growing up. During my road trip, local people recommended some bars to have lunch, fresh fish of day if you are fun of sea food or just simple good Mexican fajitas or pozole. Every small bar next to the road I stopped has good Wi-Fi internet so you can make your calls or check E- mails or even posted yours pictures. I don’t have to mention that Cheap Trips to Cozumel include paying good food no more than $20 per person for a lunch.

Cheap Trips to Cozumel also must have included visiting Mayans ruins, one of the most unique places in this area. If you traveled so far to visit Cozumel than have to see how people use to live 2000 years ago. Luckily, I had friend who was born in Mexico City so during our walking inside Mayans ruin which was more than one hour I enjoyed history class as well. I found out that first bigger culture was Aztecs and the second one Mayan which was very interesting fact. When you arrived to the old town of Mayan archaeological city or original name San Gervasio you can park anywhere no additional price. ( )

 Entrance tickets are around 10 $ or if you want personal or group tour guide you have to pay an extra. Once you step in archaeological place you feel time was stopped. Beauty of the buildings and natural around is simple more than I expected. I walked trough forest and pathways guide you from one to the other constructions . One simple advice, buy water on the entrance because even if I had nice breeze and wind it was also extremely humid and hot.

 You can hear birds, sometimes wind makes noise with dry leafs and give you so impression that if you close your eyes you can imagine ancient people around.

When I was done with my tour in San Gervasio at the exit I bought some souvenirs with additional cost. Wi-Fi is also available but I can bet you will not need it because impression of this place doesn’t let you to go back to reality.

 After small break my Mexican friend and I kept going our trip to the down town. It is about 10 minutes driving and traffic getting busy as you are coming in down town. In the down town you can explore few streets and get to the famous market place where you can buy everything you need.Cheap Trips to Cozumel could not go without shopping on the main street in down town. Here I saw the biggest avocado in my life . The size of avocado is size of melon. After market place, you can explore local house and slowly go back to the road next to the sea with all bars and restaurant where you can find nice hotels plus many places to do tattoo or piercing for very good price. If you stop on main road to take picture be fast otherwise you will pay a fee because no parking allowed. Good place to park and walk on the down town is next to Mega shopping mall.

When I return a car and when they ask me how was it, I promise them and to myself I will come back again simple because this place deserve .

Written by Travel

Written by Travel