Visiting of the Magen’s Bay beach and St. Thomas was great journey. St. Thomas is U.S Virgin Island in Caribbean Sea. It founded by Danish in the 1600s and has huge pirate history. It’s known for snorkeling sport and by the beautiful beaches.

St. Thomas is one of the places where you can find yourself surprised between beautiful beaches and Architectures from English, France and Denmark. This 2019 year there were celebrating 102 years of US Independent Island. Once you arrived to this Island since you still have self service you can have your own Internet. I would like to say plan yourself before you travel. Last hurricane left some destroyed part of this Island but local people repairing and keeping this place stunning and beautiful.

If you are not afraid of height, you can go first on sky ride which is around one and a half hours trip and it will cost you approximately $20 per person. Once you get on top view is breath taking and you can also refresh yourself with cold drinks at the restaurant including free Wi-Fi internet if you don’t have self service. More about offer at . After I had seen all view I actually realized how small Island is. Approximately 55.000 people live here. When you come down with same sky ride, you can begin your tour to the one of the beaches there. There were plenty and if you are fun of snorkeling witch I have not done this time, you can go to Coci beach and trip is around 40 minutes driving.

Beautiful Magen’s Bay beach

The other closest beach called Magen’s Bay it’s about 20 minutes driving and shuttle return tickets are around $16. Before you start going up to the hill taxi driver will stop in Down Town if you are interesting of shopping and good coffee and your travel will begin trough the hill.

View is kind of similar to the top of sky ride but once you are getting closer to Magen’s bay the shuttle driver will stop on one spot so you can actually take a picture of Megan’s bay from the bird perspective. Entrance for Magen’s bay cost $5 per person.

Magen’s bay beach is really long beach and you can find place anytime you want. If you want to separate yourself you can go further on your right to the cliff and isolate yourself from crowds.

Short video shows beauty of this beach .

Next to the beach there is one restaurant with food and ice cream and cold drinks affordable price and if you go inside you can have really good Wi-Fi internet too. Water is absolutely amazing and ones you go inside you never want to go out. When you look around the beach you can see the same hill you came from and even more interesting you can see few houses up but no hotels and my thoughts were pointing on an idea to live here. After you satisfied all your senses on your way back you can find many shuttles for your transportation back.

The other beach you can visit is Emerald beach and there is two options to get here. First is local bus going every 20 minutes and ticket is $2 one way or you can take shuttle for $5 or $6 it depends how many people are in a group. Travel is about 15 minutes and it is smaller beach than Megan’s bay but same beautiful.

       There is also one restaurant with free Wi-Fi internet. Entrance to this beach is free and you will go through restaurant but if you want enjoy yourself on beach chair you have to pay an extra. On way back in front the restaurant is always shuttle for your way back but sometimes traffic is slow coming to the down town. I strongly can recommend staying on this Island more than one day.

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Written by Travel

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