Key West is city in Florida, known as a home of Ernest Hemingway and many other famous writers. New days Key West continues to attract artist because bohemian and tolerant atmosphere. Seriously, Key West is the most bohemian place in Florida. During the day, local bars have live band playing music, or soloist entertains guests in the famous restaurant which gives you impression the city never sleeps. This is very true. City is so crowded during the day and even more crowded during the evening.

There are many places you can visit in Key West. If you want to travel to end of The Florida Keys, there are plenty options. First time I came by cruise ships. I had whole day and I managed to see the main attraction of Key West.

Walking from the cruise ship about ten minutes I was already impressed by Islands intriguing homes, gardens and backyards. The main street, everybody will recommend is Duval street. Duval street is the most energetic and crowded street in Key West and has a lot of shops, bars and coffee anywhere. The most famous bar in Duval Street is definitely Sloppy Joes bar ( ) , a hangout place of novelist Ernest Hemingway. Walking through this street, I have seen so many nice houses, so many bars and interesting backyards with plenty trees. The most famous brand of clothes and shoes you can find in this street. When I passed Starbucks coffee shop, were I had short coffee break and Gap Factory store, after Bourbon Street Pub next right is Ernest Hemingway house and Museum.

You cannot miss chance to see this place. Museum is open every day between 09.AM till 5.00PM and you have to buy tickets for entrance. Tickets include tourist guide and cost $14 per person. Inside of house, furniture and all decoration, his personal stuff and pictures are not allowed to be touched. Tourist guide spoke about his life and work and in one point I separated myself from group and went out on the balcony. View is absolutely stunning. Across the Hemingway’s house is the famous Key West lighthouse. After I finished sightseeing of house my next destination was Lighthouse.

Key West lighthouse was built 1825 to helped many ships entering the port and avoid the hazardous reefs. Today Lighthouse is Museum and you can climb the 88 steps to the top of the tower to see amazing view on the sea and city as well. Entrance is only $5 but it was worth it. If you are interested for more information about lighthouse you can explore the museum and read articles and see pictures of old towel, before Hurricane destroyed 1846.

After lighthouse I kept going down to the Duval Street to reach the Southernmost Point of the Continental US. Close is also small local beach, but since it was spring and weather was not that hot, beach was empty.

Next place I visited in Key West is Butterfly and Natural Conservatory. It is only few minutes walking from the beach and that place left me breathless. I was so impressed that I bought so many souvenirs such as home made purse with butterfly sign, magnets, t-shirts, hair butterfly clips and bags with butterfly picture. Typical woman right? Of course if you are visitor of Butterfly Conservatory you have 20% discount for shopping. Once you pass shopping area you will reach huge and so beautiful garden and you will forget to take pictures because your eyes will enjoy beauty of this place.  During breathtaking journey I had chance to see impressive collection of flowering plants, waterfalls, colorful birds, and variety of approximately 60 butterfly species from around the world. Place is climate controlled by glass and temperature is humid so basically you cannot stay too long. I came back on the shopping area and like I already mentioned, I did a lot of shopping.

Walking back through Duval Street I have seen a lot of parks and decided to have lunch in Margaretville Restaurant ). Wi-Fi internet is free here and password you can get from the waiter. If you do not have self service, any place you sit down for a break has really good internet connection.

Since I came only one day in Key West, after my lunch-dinner break I had just less than two hours left. Like I usually do, I let road lead me in unknown streets and let myself to explore the city far away from the main points. If you are not walking person like me, you can take a double-decker bus tour to take you around the city. Sunset from the ship and view on Key West is also something I will remember my whole life.

To conclude, if you travel to Florida, my recommendation is to visit Key West because this place deserves to be seen.

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