Kalemegdan Fortress

Kalemegdan Fortress

Belgrade fortress is called Kalemegdan ( further text Kalemegdan Fortress). Kalemegdan name came from Turkish words Kale -fortress and Megdan-big empty place in the city, market place or just place to enjoy the view. For the centuries and nowadays this place is most visited and most attractive in the whole city. First time mentioned in the 3th century BC as Singidunum. Actually , Kalemegdan Fortress was the city very known as military frontier of the Roman border. Somehow during the centuries , Kalemegdan Fortress was always been a border between West and East Roman Empire.

Kalemegdan Fortress

The name Belgrade means white town (Beograd in Serbian) and Belgrade Fortress means white fortress. First time was mentioned 878 by Bulgarians.

This well-known ancient city, today is the place to walk in and enjoy one whole day. What you can see at Kalemegdan Fortress ?

Kalemegdan Fortress consist Upper and Lower town

Upper Town is actually Kalemegdan park or how we usually say heart of the Kalemegdan Fortress. In upper town, the most reconcilable is The Victor , symbol of Belgrade. It is male sculpture , 14 meters high ( 45 feet) facing Zemun ( part of Belgrade area across the river Sava).The plateau around The Victor gives you opportunity to enjoy the loveliest sunset views in the whole city (River Sava and Danube). Upper Town contains scale model of the castle build by Despot Stefan Lazarevic (castle was destroyed 1690 year by explosion). The main point of the castle is Despots gate. It was a main gate to upper town and had a drawbridge. The next famous spot at Upper Town of Kalemegdan Fortress is north ramparts (the view from here is at two rivers Sava and Danube). This place gives you also a chance to enjoy breathtaking views and listen guitar playing of teenagers. Upper Town also contains Military museum which is actually Gallery of the Natural History Museum. The oldest church in Belgrade is part of the Upper Town and it is called Saint Petka church .

Lower Town contained settlement of many houses, churches , squares and market during middle age. Moreover, in Lower Town was harbour for vessels and warships. Nebojsa Tower is one of the main attractions here and it was built 1460 year as cannon tower . The other great place, which is the kids’ famous attraction nowadays, is Belgrade Zoo. Location was perfect and it was established in 1936. The most interesting fact about Belgrade Zoo is alligator Muya, officially the oldest alligator in the World.

With all this being said , Kalemegdan Fortress is definitely place you would spend day exploring. Short video about Kalemegdan you can see here :

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I can offer you two hours walking tour to:

  1. Kalemegdan Park
  2. Symbol of Belgrade, The Victor and plateau around
  3. Despots gate, entrance
  4. North ramparts
  5. Military museum and dinosaur park
  6. Sports area
  7. Saint Petka church
  8. Nebojsa Tower
  9. Belgrade Zoo ( close to restaurant Kalemegdan Terrace)
  10. Restaurant Terrace

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