H O N O L U L U,   H AW A I I


Honolulu is one of the places must have on your list to see. I have been there tree times and every time I was impressed how far is this place and how beautiful.  They have all what you can find in US and still they have they own tradition to make special chocolate or beauty homemade flower cosmetics or souvenirs. How impressive is that? Prices are more expensive but just because of the fact everything there comes with cargo ship or by airplane. Coming with a cruise ship is the best experience. Once your cruise ship docks, you can get off and start you journey.

You can go to the Waikiki beach or do your own excursion or simple walk to the main center and explore this amazing Island. First time I went to Waikiki beach to swim and have nice time at the beach. My friends rent a car for around $80 and we drove all around just to see how city looks like and then we park across the beach and start our adventure. Some part of Waikiki beach is very wavy and you can find a lot of surfers there which is their favorite place to surf, but some part of Waikiki are hidden by huge rocks and water is nice to swim. We have chosen place across the Starbucks coffee, simple because of good coffee and free Wi-Fi internet but also I had sim card works perfectly there. Beach is fake sand, mostly people comment, but I did not have that feeling, for me it was just nice beach I could enjoy my day with friends. Nearby Our location, it was surf board rent place, where you can rent a board. If you are beginner or you never step on the board you can pay a class before you go to the water. One hour rent is approximately $60 and class is around $40. If you are not in good condition for this extreme sport, my advice is to skip because next day you will have a muscle pain. Waves will throw you in the sea so easily and it takes time to jump on the board and do it again.

 However, if you have Waikiki experience than you will enjoy it for sure. Anyway it is worth to try because Hawaii is the best surfing place in the world. After two hours enjoying the beach we went for a walk and shopping all around Waikiki beach. A lot of hidden places you can find there and most interesting is even places have a roof covered by tries inside and a lot of flowers and waterfalls with some decoration only recognized here.  Souvenirs are absolutely mandatory, especially magnets and surfers small board to hang on the wall unique made by food and painted. Hawaiian flowers cosmetics and chocolates products is in every corner and you cannot miss them. Soups are so smelly that you can close your eyes and dive in deep sea.  All homemade chocolates products and candies are more than 100 years old tradition. If you buy more than tree you can get discount. I did a lot of shopping there and I never regret it.

Second time when I came in Honolulu, I skipped Waikiki beach and we decided to go to excursion. I visited Hanauma Bay.

Hanauma Bay is 40 minutes driving from the Waikiki beach by taxi and it is located on opposite side of the Island.  Call a taxi it would not be a problem because you have self service and price one way is around $60. Before you reach Hanauma Bay you have to pay a entrance tickets and go first to museum and detail explanation how this natural resort began where you watch short video.

Once you pass all instructions, than slowly you start going down to the beach where you can stop every few steps and take picture. More I was going closer to the resort more I realized it’s surrounded by two hills and it is look like a ring. Palms and other tries are all around and the green grass but closer to the sea is sand. The interesting fact is special for Hawaii, grass and sand next to each other. Sea Water was little bit cold but sea world is amazing. I have seen fish’s colors I have never seen before. Snorkeling is one of the favorite activities here but friendly advice does not go so far because sharks are part of that sea world too. Sharks are mostly seen in Honolulu, especially white one and they are not friendly at all.                               

 Before I came here I have seen this place on National Geographic TV show and I could not imagine that is more beautiful alive.

After few hours staying here I could choose a little train for $5 per person to take us up or walk and still take more pictures. Taxi shuttle came back for us at the time we arranged with him.

Third time when I visited Honolulu, I just simple let my road to take me to explore. Shopping, good food, local smiling people and Waikiki beach made my day.

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Written by Travel

Written by Travel

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