Grand Cayman is my favorite Caribbean Island. If you traveling by cruise ship like I did some many times or by airplane, do not worries about taxi or shuttle, you can find them everywhere and they will take you to your destination less than $10. Grand Cayman is still British Overseas Territory Island and Prince Charles occasionally comes to visit his Island. Currency in this Island is Caymans dollars and its 20% more Value than US dollar. Basically, 10 Caymans dollar is $12, but you can use your credit card or US dollar too. They will accept all and it’s very safe if you use your credit card. Once when I did excursion around the Island, I heard tourist guide saying criminal on this Island is 0% and you can live keys in your car in the middle of the street, no one will take it. There is plenty places to visit  in this Island, starting from Shopping in George town, which is capital city, explore the Island, do excursion to stingrays city or turtle farm, or simple walk or go to beautiful and the most  famous 7 miles beach.

 Standard of living in Grand Cayman is very expensive and local people pay more money for food and gas than anywhere else in US, first of all because of Island and second because is still British Colony. Interesting fact is tax free and prices are very expensive.

Anyway, I would like to recommend few places to see and I have done but still happy when I come back to this Island. Like I already mention stingrays city is very good excursion to do. Little bus will take you on the other side of George Town. During your trip you can see amazing houses and beautiful backyards and very nice living area. Than small boat will take you to the open sea and drive straight to the stingray’s city. My advice is to not be scared when you see huge stingrays’ in the sea because they are harmless and swimming with them is unique experience.

The legend say if you kiss stingray , it will bring you 7 years of good luck, I did twice just in case.  All instruction you will get before you go in the water. Water is shallow there so you actually stand in the water. Professional photographers will take your pictures with stingray on your back if you want of course.

The other place you definitely have to see is turtle farm. It is about 20 minutes driving from George Town and it is very nice place to enjoy, learn about turtles and have nice time at local restaurant, catching good Wi-Fi internet connection and have delicious food. You will have a guide who will talk about turtles before you go in and explain why is important to not touch or feed them in some areas. There is also small forest around farm where you can walk and take nice pictures too. After two or 3 hours of exploring turtle farm finally you can sit down and enjoy very tasty food and drinks.

If you are not fun of excursion and you just want enjoy yourself walking and shopping than George Town is great place to do so. There are many places to have drink or food or coffee but I would like to recommend coffee shop across the dock with good internet or crape place Creperie ( ) if you keep going further or good ice cream dairy queen place . Shopping here is very different than on the other Caribbean’s Island, you can find mostly clothes from India or even from England too. Souvenirs you can find on every step and they are not expensive.

Coming to Grand Cayman and not see 7 miles beach is a shame. That is the most beautiful beach I have ever seen in Caribbean Sea and it is actually 7 miles long.

Public 7 miles beach is about 15 minutes walking from George Town next to shore and if you go little bit further you can reach popular place called Royal Palm beach. It restaurant with pool and DJ playing music, huge place to sit down, order food and drink or just rent umbrella and chair in front. You can move from the crowd on your left or right and find secret place just to put towel and enjoy beach and view. However , if you decide to stay in restaurant you have great WI-FI internet and I would like to recommend Royal pizza to try or if you fun of blue cheese than Burger with blue cheese or simple sea food.  Like I already mention its very safe place and you can leave your stuff at the beach and take a walk and take a pictures.  Waiters are very polite and most of them were working on cruise ship and hospitality is on top. Tip is included in price and you will get two receipts, one in Cayman’s dollars and other one in US which is 20% more. In front of Royal palm beach restaurant you always have shuttle to come back to George Town and price is $5 per person one way or you can just walk and still see a lot of hotels or house.

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Moreover, Grand Cayman is definitely place you would like to travel at least one time in your life.

Written by Travel

Written by Travel

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