Curacao is Dutch Caribbean Old Colony Island. Capital city called Willemstad has pastel-colored Architecture.  When I first time travel to Curacao, it reminds me on Burano Island close to Venice. Down town colors are amazing and separated this Island from the others.  There are many things to do here and visit many places.

First of all, castle is the middle of town is great place to relax and have drinks or ice cream while local band playing music. Once you step from the cruise ship like I did at least 10 times, you pass taxi station and than first thing you see is casino and Renaissance hotel( ). I am not gamble person, but I went once inside and it gave me impression that I am in Vegas casino. Next to casino is Renaissance hotel with infinity pool, sea water and sand beach with umbrella and chairs. Entrance is $30 per person, food and drinks are included and food starts serving at 11.00 am. View is on the open sea and on your right on cruise ships. If you want to move yourself from crowd it perfect place to relax. The Wi-Fi internet is really good and free, you do not need password to log in.

After casino and Renaissance hotel you walk trough gate of castle and there is bars and restaurant to enjoy as well. From one side you can find a stairs to take you on top of the castle for pictures and you can see bridge and colorful town on the other side of bridge. Walking to the colorful part of town will give you chance to buy some souvenirs at market right next to it.

 One amazing fact about Queen Emma bridge you should know is that in one point of the day, you never know when, you will hear the bell rings very loudly, and you have 2 minutes to come off the bridge or go in because bridge will start moving to the other side. Once I was in the middle of the bridge coming back to the ship and I heard bell and people start running, I couldn’t know what is going on and I asked some people next to me and they explained to me. I stayed to see what would happen and bridge shifted and we came on side of the colorful part of down town where is famous metal heart . I was waiting till small cargo ship went through and then bridge came back on his original spot. During the night bridge looks like glow stick and give you impression you never have seen something like that.

Finally when I cross the bridge, there is big metal heart with padlocks on it and legend says padlocks are left on the bridge railing by couples as sign of their everlasting love. First restaurant from left side is great place to have lunch or dinner if you are fun of sea food, fish of the day I recommend and at night they have live music band. Sitting next to the sea and Watch Bridge and caste on from the one side and enjoy live music and great food on the other, it makes you feel you are on vacation.

Behind the restaurant you have many shops, similar to any other places and also you can find brand clothes and shoes too. Walking through the shopping area will take to the sign Curacao and than if you want to walk more you can find many resorts with great internet and access to the beach or small pool. Beach here is very natural and very wavy because Curacao is very windy place. There is bus station too, if you want to go to mambo beach, one of the famous here, or you can take shuttle for $7 per person one way.

Mambo beach is not windy beach when you compare to the beach close to the town because is blocked with big rocks and makes water calm and nice to swim. Entrance to the mambo beach is $3 and chairs are $3.5 per person. I swam to the rocks and climbed up and take pictures on the mambo beach from the other side, its beautiful view. Above the beach is shopping area and a lot of restaurant which I recommend all because they have very tasty food and if you not afraid to try something exotic, you can try their specially barbecue iguana . I wasn’t that brave and I skipped.

To conclude, traveling to Curacao for a day or stay here few days is mandatory, especially because of night life here and party is going till morning . If you have doubt to visit Curacao, I hope this story will help you make up your mind and book next flight or cruise to Curacao.

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Written by Travel

Written by Travel

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