Grenada is the Island country in the Caribbean. Capital city is St. George. Grenada is also known as The Island of spice. It is located northwest from Trinidad and Tobago and Northeast from Venezuela. Coming here is possible with few ways: by regional flights from the Barbados , Antigua and other Caribbean  Island , by your own Yacht,  by International flights from JFK New York, Europe and last but not least by Cruise ship like I did.

Cruise to Grenada is very special. Mostly Royal and Celebrity cruises offer Grenada but Carnival also did Journey cruise to this beautiful Island. Grenada is one of the Island leave you breathless when you come for the first time. There are plenty things to do in Grenada if you come on vacation and stay here few days. If you cruise to Grenada and stay only one day few hours,  then main places need to be seen such us:

1.The Fort and Christ of the deep

2. the Port Louis Marina Grenada

 3.the Sendall Tunnel of ST. George,

4.Grand Anse beach and

5. shopping of course.

 My tips are to organized yourself and once cruise ship docked get off as soon as possible so you can have whole day to explore. Before ship docked, on our way to Grenada view to The Fort George and whole Island is stunning.

On your cruise to Grenada first thing what you have to do is do hop on hop off train tour. There are few options, to do small train tour one hour, to do tour two and half hour with historic Grenada guided and  sightseeing train one day tour. The last tour whole day, was kind of difficult to do because ship was docked only by 5.00pm.

My hop on hop off train tour was approximately two hours. We started going to the main street in downtown St. George up the hill into residential area. Houses and building are so colorful and remain me on Burano and Murano Island close to Venice and Curacao Island as well. After we passed the main street we turn left to the Fort George. More we were coming higher ; view was becoming better and better. Fort George was built 1705 year and much of the fort is open to visitors.  From one side view was on the cruise ship and from the other side we passed castle and then St Andrews Presbyterian Church. I have to mention streets are very narrow especially on our way to the Fort. First, we came up the hill and then we went down and stop on one place to take pictures where background was  Saint George harbour. The guide and train driver at the same time was talking about life in Grenada and beautiful places to visit if you stay more than one day.

In my opinion cruise to Grenada and staying one day can give you impression of beauty of this Island. After short break to take a picture our way continued to the Port Louis Marina Grenada. Here is located Christ of the deep , the small statue sits above the water . I was impressed by number of Yachts docked here and then our way continued to the Sendall Tunnel of ST. George. That was the last attraction in our hop on hop off train tour.

Since my cruise to Grenada was only once and I still had some time to explore I decided to walk around and tried to take some more pictures from the Fort George. I paid $2 entrance fee to the historical landmark and it was worth it. View from one side was to the ship we came with and from the other side to the Carenage and Port Louis Marina we passed by train tour. Here also you can read about Grenada history and walk through the jail. Anyway, it was wonderful experience.

After plenty pictures and videos, my next adventure was shopping. Shopping area is located right next to the ship and there were plenty stores with souvenirs and spice food very unique for this place.

If you have more time you can visit Grand Anse beach only 15 minutes driving from the cruise terminal or Grenada National museum. 

More in one video about beautiful Grenada you can find here

Written by Travel

Written by Travel