Costa Maya is small tourist place in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico. This place is also known as Mahahual which is name of the village close to cruise ships port of call. This area is generally undeveloped but start been growing since construction of a large pier to accommodate cruise ships.

When port has cruise ships docked, area is very busy by tourist and village Mahahual knows as fishing place too and down town very visited too.

Even though place is very small, there are plenty things to do here. I will describe few Costa Maya Mexico cruise excursions I did since I visited this place plenty time.

Once you dock with cruise ship, you can spend time just walking around and do shopping.

Basically, the first Costa Maya Mexico cruise excursion could be shopping and exploring the area. The pier has big modern shopping mall.  There are several jewelers’ stores and many small shops selling souvenirs items such as magnets wall, cups, towels, unique clothes, shoes and also lather bracelets with name you ask to print. The center of the shopping mall has a pool with saltwater. Around the pool are sand and chairs to enjoy and several bars and restaurants. Close by pool is very attractive place to see, it is flamingos place. You can take a picture and feed the flamingos.

The Second Costa Maya Mexico cruise excursion I did was bird watch and walking bridges. You can do from the ship or you can do outside. It is located close to the flamingos and entrance is only $12. I really enjoy two hours of walking around and see different kind of birds familiar to this area. Once you buy tickets you get seeds too, so you can feed the birds. In one point walking through the bridge you will pass dolphin’s pool and view to the ships docked in the pier is absolutely stunning.

The third Costa Maya Mexico cruise excursion would be swimming with dolphins. This excursion is always attractive and hard to book too. It is mostly pre booked on line so if you have those options than my advice is to book on line before you come to Costa Maya. There are few dolphins inside the pool and you can see them if you come closer but it is also very crowded too.

The forth Costa Maya Mexico cruise excursion I did is chocolate factory. Ohhh , very interesting excursion. It cost only $10 and you have a chance to find out how Mayans made chocolate, what ingredients they were putting and I had a chance to taste hot chocolate too. It is approximately 45 minutes long and all excursion is adjusted like you traveling trough the time. At the end of excursion, option to buy homemade chocolate is additional fee.

My fifth Costa Maya Mexico cruise excursion was coral reef and beach time. Short distance from the pier called Banco Chinchorro has a lot of bars, restaurants and shops.  Beach coral reef is also small fishing area and it is amazing to do snorkeling if you fan of it but also you can do swimming and enjoy cheap Mexican food and drinks too. It is very crowded and my tips are to come earlier if you can and bring sun protection too. Distance to the coral reef from the pier is approximately 20 minutes driving and the best way is to take open bus. It will cost you $4 one way.

The last Costa Maya Mexico cruise excursion I did was Mayans ruins or Chacchoben.  Chacchoben is one of the famous Mayans ruins but less excavated than better known pyramids in Tulum and Coba , close to Cozumel or Chichen Itza close to Merida city. This excursion is better to buy from the ship. First of all, because is all day excursion and second because you travel one hour by bus from the pier.

Chacchoben is located literally in the jungle and structures date from 700 AD and settlement by Maya at the site is estimated at 200 BC. It is characterized by large temples and massive platform groups. It is found 1940 and reported to Mexican government 1972 which was closed till 2002 year. Once you board yourself in the bus, you can listen a little bit of Mayans history and calendar on the way to Chacchoben.  Inside the platforms you can see few temples and only one of them we were allowed to climb mostly because they protecting the ruins. Interesting fact is that temples were not build to bury the king like in Egypt they did to pharaoh, it was build to sacrifice chosen one to the God. They believe if you chosen one you died, you will go straight in paradise and live better life than on Earth. Anyway, the temple we climb by stairs is very unique place and very worth it to see.  Also, it was built with small rooms and once I climbed up to the top I actually released how enormous it is. After last temple we visited we also stopped to see tree “Ceiba” of life by Mayans believes and shopping at the exit. They have small market with souvenirs and local bar with drinks too.

More excursion you can do are more or less similar to those 6 the most attractive or they combined together but whenever  you choose to do you will be impressed by natural beauty of this place.

Written by Travel

Written by Travel

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