Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas

If you decide to travel and enjoy tuna fishing or just eat well Mexican food or you are fun of climbing and see one of the most attractive Mexican Riviera than definitely I can recommend Cabo San Lucas.

Cabo is small place with down town and a lot of places to visit or explore. You can have unique experience doing tours whale watching or dolphin swim or just go to lovers beach and enjoy your time.

My first visit to Cabo was by Cruise ship, and it is a tender port, which means life boat will take to the shore. The view from the ship to the shore is stunning. This place remains me a lot on Venice, Italy with all this small boats or taxi shuttle going up or back and yachts’ marine there all around down town.

I was lucky and had really good tourist guide because my Mexican friend lives here so I could see many places and explore more than usual tourist.

Once you step on land there many shops available to go shopping, especially homemade, which makes this place very unique. WiFi Internet you can find everywhere but I had telcel Mexican sim card and I did not have problem with internet and communication. A lot of bars and restaurants are located on the entrance but if you go to your right, you will find much quieter place to sit down, have margarita or famous fajitas. I would like to recommend my favorite place here. It is captain Tony’s restaurant ( ). Not far away from this restaurant is shopping mall behind the sign Cabo where you can take amazing pictures.

Before you reach the shopping mall, water taxi shuttle station is available on every 10 steps so can choose tour which one is the best for you. My friend Marlon and I did whale watching.

 Very simple two hours tour and it cost $20 per person. Guy with small boat took us to the open sea and than our adventures has started. Basically, we were chasing the whales. Interesting right? My friend explained me that whales come out from deep sea to take a breath and before they do, they splash out water from the lungs so when you see that on open sea, you turn the boat and come closer because in few seconds whale will go out from the water. Yes, I felt very excited at that moment, but once I saw how big they are and I was in small boat first tough was what if they hit the boat? Well, it never happened before because they see very nice and they avoid hitting, that’s why I said you are chasing them. It was so good experience and I would love to do one more time. Water in Cabo San Lucas during the winter is colder than other part of Mexico, so the best time to see whales is during winter.

Once I was eating lunch on the lido restaurant on the ship and suddenly people start running on open deck. Apparently someone notice whale around the ship swimming around but the most interesting part it was babe whale and mum whale. There were swimming and it was very pleasant to see them.

The other place I would like to recommend to see is lovers beach. Again, small water taxi, just like in Venice, will take you to the lovers beach. Reason why this beach got this name is because is between two huge rocks and its look like hidden from the city. Legend said couple comes here to enjoy their love. But also legend said there is divorce beach across the love beach and if you walk further you actually reach the ocean. It is not good to swim because water is so strong and ocean will pull you in, maybe that’s why beach get the name divorce beach. Anyway, view is stunning especially at sunset so definitely I recommend lovers and divorce beach.

If you still have time while go back to the ship, you can go climbing on top of the hills next to the Cabo. You don’t need a guide for that, just follow the path. Sun scream is absolutely mandatory, and my advice is, go afternoon because it’s very sunny and demanding during the day.

If you are choose to stay more days in Cabo, I know some ships do overnight like my ship did , you can find very cheap hotel and stay for one night and have night life out of the ship and enjoy live bands music and nice time. One place close to Cabo is bigger city and its called San Jose Cabo about 40 minutes driving from Cabo where you can explore and find some interesting 18th-century historical architecture facts about both places.

Shopping is mandatory here because they made nice cotton t-shirt, pants, shoes and dresses.

Fishing here is the best in the world . Fresh tuna you can literally buy on the street and some areas smell on the fish. Also sea lions follow the fishing boats and you can see fishing man feed them all the time.

To conclude, the famous fishing place in Mexico is definitely place to travel.

Written by Travel

Written by Travel

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