Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade is the largest and capital city of Serbia. The most magnificent area of Belgrade is between Danube and Sava River. City has long history and first name was Singidun, settled by Celts people.  From 5th century city changed few empires: Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire, the Frankish Empire, the Bulgarian Empire, The Kingdom of Hungary, Ottoman Empire, Hasburg the last one.  City was battled over 115 wars and razed 44 times. Moreover, city was capital of Yugoslavia for 88 years and now is capital city of Serbia.

The main street in Belgrade is walking zone call Knez Mihajlo Street and it is shopping area too. The most famous brands have stores in this street and the most famous restaurants are located here such us Kolarac, Tribeca, Submarine Burger Belgrade, Mihajlo and other. Coffee shop you can find every five steps but the most famous and good to recommend are Café Cappuccino. Wi-Fi internet is absolutely good in any place you sit. Walking through this street you can notice modern architecture and something between East and West culture too. At the end of the street starts the biggest Park in Belgrade and the famous Castle Kalemegdan. Wi-Fi is available for free in city center one hour and it is called SBB Wi-Fi.

Kalemegdan Park or simply Kalemegdan is the most important historical monument in Belgrade. Kalemegdan represents a cultural monument for all generations of Belgraders and numerous visitors of the city. The area takes place for various sports, cultural and arts events. Explore Kalemegdan and see what he has to offer you will need more than one day. View from Kalemegdan is great place to see Sava discharging into Danube.  Danube Cruising for one day or actually few hours, you can find close to the Brankov Bridge and see city and Kalemegdan castle too from the river cruise ship. 


The other place you must see in this beautiful city is absolutely Tesla Museum. It is located in city center and walking from the main street Knez Mihajlova is approximately 20 minutes.  You will pass Square Nikola Pasic and city hall too. You can see many fountains as well and small parks too. Tesla museum is small building and keep all Tesla stuff and notes left after his death. Entrance is around $3 and if you want to see one hour video about Tesla life and small presentation of his designs it will cost you around $5. You can buy souvenirs here and books. Museum is open every day except Monday.

After Tesla museum you still have time to enjoy long streets or go on hop on hop of bus tour from City hall. It will take you around the city and you can see Slavia square, Church st. Mark, Church st. Sava, square Terazije, Republic square, National Theater, National Museum, Kalemegdan Park.

The famous and also a lot visited Museum is the museum of Yugoslavia. It is organized in chronically order from period of Kingdom of Yugoslavia to the Socialist Yugoslavia. It also represents life of Josip Broz Tito, Yugoslav communist revolutionary and statesman. Entrance is around $5 and you can explore by yourself or you can take a tourist guide in English too.

If you have more days to explore this city, my recommendation is to visit Gardoš. Gardoš is urban neighborhood of Belgrade and it is located in Belgrades municipality Zemun. It is the major historical landmark of Zemun and has nice Tower. Entance to the Tower is around $5 and you can climb by steirs to have nice view on Danube River all way till Pupin Bridge from one side till Kalemegdan on the other. View also point on the houses in this area and streets unsuitable for modern vehicles. Going up to the Tower and down you will notice streets are made by little rocks which are very unique and old tradition kept till new days. Coming in this area of Belgrade and not walk next to the Danube River is a shame. Long walking distance from Gardoš hill till Ušće shopping mall. Walking side is very long and you can see Danube river from one side with a lot restaurants, clubs, coffee shops and the park from the other side. Every year in August, last 15 years, park host the rock beer festival. More than half of million visitors participate this festival every year.

If you choose one of the restaurants on Danube River you can try Serbian dishes which are mix of oriental, central European and local Balkan cuisines. Prices are affordable and you can enjoy nice meal less than $10. Place which is similar to walk and have sports activities in Belgrade is Lake Ada Ciganlija. During summer people go there to swim and find shade from very hot and humid air in city center. Around lake you can find a walking side with a path for bike ride, roller skate shoes and car road too. You can rent a paddle, bike, roller skate shoes or you can just simple walk around lake. One side lake is called Novi Beograd and it is huge park separate lake from river Sava and the other side is Makiš side. Car parking is available on both side and fee is around $1 per hour. Ada Ciganlija has a lot of restaurants and coffee shops, offer chairs and umbrellas next to the lake. Some of them charge and some do not, you just need to buy a drink.

In every place in Belgrade you sit for lunch or short coffee break, you can ask for Wi-Fi internet password and connection is good. Two more places you can visit is Avala tower, the highest place in Belgrade and Košutnjak Park with a famous restaurant “ski staza”. Both places offer beautiful view on different sides of the city. Going to the Avala tower or Košutnjak Park you need a car or bus public transportation.

Night life in Belgrade is very popular, starting from famous clubs playing music till sunrise, to the famous bars called Kafana where you can hear traditional Balkan music or Folk music. Mostly bars are organized by music they play, so you can find Old Folk bar, New Folk music bar, rock bar, jazz bar, pop music bar and other.

In conclusion I would like to say Belgrade is the town worth to see and more than half of populations speak English and they very welcome and friendly to the tourists.

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