ARUBA, one happy island

ARUBA, one happy island

Aruba is the most interesting island within this area with some of the most beautifull Caribbean beaches where you can find absolutely everything. Travel by airplane or cruise ships, like I did many times, it will leave you feeling that you want to come back again and again. When I first time stepped out from the cruise ship and crossed the street, breeze and colorful down town made me breathless. First thing I noticed is diamond store, Pandora store and more. On your left side there are also many local stores where you can negotiation for a price and get very good discount if you are shopping person.

Top Caribbean beaches

I will describe how you can visit some of the most beautiful Caribbean beaches. Bus station for local people is there also, one of the buses called blue bus will take to the place called Eagle beach which is about 30 minutes driving and on opposite side of the Island where famous hotel are located. Eagle beach is very long beach and bus will stop few times before it makes turn around hotels. Return tickets are $5 per person and bus goes every 30 to 40 minutes. If you travel with small kids you can also take a taxi, more people less price, but if is two people in a car they charge one way $5. Eagle beach is unique experience and my advice is to put sun protection because wind makes you do not feel sun at all. Water is crystal clear and you can also rent Jet Ski if you want more adventures.

Anyway, If you want to move away a bit from the Caribbean beaches and decided to go to shopping places than just keep going down to the street and you will reach shopping mall. They have all brands such as Gucci, Prada, Guess, Tommy Hilfiger, Luj Viton and more. In shopping mall you can find Starbucks coffee shops if you are fun of good coffee like me. I don’t have to mention that WiFi internet in Starbucks is for free, and it is very good connection. Next to Starbucks is a small tunnel and you can also rent a small boat to take you around the Island.

Close the mall you can find huge Zara store, big sign I love Aruba to take pictures and cinema and Dutch crapes place wish I strongly recommend ( ).

Behind the Crapes place is walking area where you can see small private hotel beach and also take a beautiful pictures to the cruise ships. I am walking person and I went further and find some many places to take a stunning pictures and walk next to the beach.

After 20 minutes of my walking I discovered really good bar called Reflex ion bar. ( ).They have chairs on the beach, good Wi-Fi internet and even better food.  After Reflex ion bar there is one more bar 5 minutes walking but I don’t personally like it because it’s close to the Airport and you can hear noise of airplane landing.

Actually from both bars you can see planes landing and take off and you can also take good picture. Sea water at beach is the same like on Eagle beach, clear and very nice, if you look better you can see small fishes swimming around.

One of the best excursions to do in Aruba is hop on hop off tour. This tour you can find in front of the place where the ships dock because is the most selling place in whole Aruba. Basically, you can choose open bus 3 hours round trip or shuttle with AC 2 hours long. Both of them are similar and price is approximately $25 plus tips of course. Taxi or bus driver will take to see Stone Mountain and view on the whole Island, which is first stop. Before I came on first location shuttle passed a lot of living area and actually we learned a lot interesting facts. One of them is free scholarship for citizen of Aruba and Curacao. The other one is free land if you want to build a house. After Stone Mountain we kept going to the rich living area with amazing houses and view on the Ocean. It is very close to the light house, our next stop. Light house is one of the most attractive places is Aruba. It’s surrounded by land and Ocean and next to house is only one restaurant “Faro Blanco restaurant, Italian Cuisine “ ( After light house our next stop was Natural bridge very shortly to take a picture. Next stop after natural bridge was Palm Beach and hotels area with a shopping mall and walking area to enjoy for one day. It is very close to the Eagle beach and on our way back we were coming back next to the beach.

Aruba is place where you can do excursion, go to the beach, do shopping, or just enjoy yourself by exploring on your way like I did.

Across the mall you can walk next to yachts dock, which gives me conclusion how much Aruba is famous vacation Island.

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Written by Travel

Written by Travel